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Episode Preview

  • Can we just get it out there that the Old Age Outlaws weren't very good even when they were still the New Age Outlaws? Billy Gunn could work and Road Dogg could get by with his gimmick but it's utterly insane that these guys are out here in 2014 beating the tag team champions on nothing episodes of SmackDown.
  • At first, I hated the Vickie Guerrero interruption, possibly because of watching TNA as recently as last night, but I'm wondering if she wasn't acting on behalf of The Authority and giving the Outlaws a chance to win the match. Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority was the main program late last year but the Rhodes Family had a far more entertaining feud with the machine. I won't be upset if it's coming back.
  • Paul Heyman is doing the absolute most with what he's got to work with. That's the best that can be said about this Big Show-Brock Lesnar feud and his trying so hard to sell it. There aren't many ways to do it and even fewer to make it entertaining but he's out there giving it his best. It's not awful but it's nothing special either. That's fine, though, because it's a transitional program anyway. I will not, for the life of me, understand why WWE would use a date of his on this match if all he does is beat Show at the Rumble that's that. We shall see.
  • Rey Mysterio is now a pawn for a feud betweent two stars WWE considers bigger than him. And it's a good thing.
  • EMMA!
  • I actually want AJ Lee to hold the Divas title until she retires. Really, if there was someone to do something like that, wouldn't it be AJ in a division like this during a time like this? What's the reason not to do it? It's not like anyone is going to be made by having her drop the title to them, at least not at first. But once her reign gets into multiple years, think of how we'll talk about it.
  • Oh dear god, Naomi. She's got talent and she's fluid as all get out but that botch against Tamina was really scary. You wrestle and you learn, though.
  • Credit to Miz for his commentary on Naomi's split legged moonsault finisher. His one remark, an emphatic declaration that "I can't do that", did more to put it over than pinning Tamina with it did. This is a former WWE champion who headlined WrestleMania acting genuinely impressed that Naomi can bust out a move like this on opponents and win with it. You would think this stuff should be elementary on WWE commentary, but it's really not. So good job, Miz. More, please.
  • That tribute to Mae Young punched me in the heart and made me terribly sad she didn't get to 100-years-old like she wanted to. She is missed. She is loved. Respect, forever.
  • Normally, the Raw rewind videos make you want to change the channel. Here, the package that was aired featuring Daniel Bryan turning on Bray Wyatt and the family was amazing.
  • Real backstory for Bray? I'll take it. Daddy left him, Sister Abigail saved him, now he's really fucked up. Good enough for me. Awesome delivery, as always.
  • While watching Big E. Langston vs. Fandango, it occured to me that Langston does Ultimate Warrior's rope run and splash spot. It's now one of his signature spots, actually. Might be consider him as a potential opponent for Warrior? They did go right into talking about the Hall of Fame and Warrior's induction this year.
  • How has it been this long and The Shield have had this little promo time? Less is not more in this instance. Dean Ambrose deserves more time on the microphone. Maybe not Seth Rollins. Undecided on Roman Reigns.